Too much about computers.

This is our last post so we thought that we should show you some everyday use apps for ytour smartphone. Apps wil be for android users (sorry apple). the first one is Lolipop screen-recorder which allows users who have android lolipop (andrid 5.0 o over ) The second one is used to connnect your pc […]

Network information.

In this post we wil be showing you how your computer is connected to the internet and to other computers through LAN. Getting the full IP settings. command: ipconfig /all ifconfig First step is to get the information of the ip´s in our computer. windows. This step can be done in graphical mode or cmd. […]


      COMPUTER SCIENCE connectors hard disk binary code live pendrive storage devices blog   This term we have made many interesting things, that helped us to use the computer better. FIRSTLY: We learnt the connectors/ports we can find on the computer Then, there are output and input devices: OUTPUT: An output device is any peripheral […]

Why Partitioning Your Hard Drive Makes Sense

Most PCs come from the factory with a single partition on their hard drive, meaning that it shows up as one drive in the Computer window (as C:, typically). But keeping your data, applications, and operating system on the same partition can be risky because, if something happens to the partition’s index file (the file […]